Lose weight and resent it: 15 photos of pets before-and-after

It’s people who want to lose weight, but cats, on the contrary, want to get fat. After all, being fat is so bland. Fat cats look proud and content (because they’re full!). However, who asks them, when the vet says, «Your pet will live longer if he loses weight,» owners do the best they can. Here are 15 pictures of those who made it!

It was 10 pounds, now it’s 4, and where’s the joy?

At one time Dennis became an Internet star, losing 75% of his excess weight

So, people, are you sorry to see a good kitty get smaller?

For ten months, Shiva lost a pound a month.

Was able to lose 3.4 pounds and said «that’s it, leave me alone.

After losing 11 pounds, Cedi became so agile.

Look, the kitty is melting!

Ruby lost a third of her maximum weight

Two pounds! Where are my two kilos?

I lost 5 kilos and my health got better

She was 9.5 kg, now she’s 6.8. Skinny! However, without fat pads she is not so flouncy anymore

Benji had to go on a diet, though he resisted

Laina has lost as much as 27 kilograms!

Yes, it’s the same kitty. The result of five years of work. But who’s going to keep his knees so warm now?

So why did you make me lose weight?

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Lose weight and resent it: 15 photos of pets before-and-after
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