«Give me a cat that nobody wants!» A girl came to the shelter with a strange request

A girl went to the local shelter, eager to adopt a cat. She surprised the staff with an unexpected request. «Show me the animal that’s been here the longest!» — she asked…

So a deaf, toothless kitty in her old age found a home!


A girl named Brigid Staub of San Antonio, Texas, returned home from the hospital after a long period of treatment. She really wanted to start a new life and thought it would be a good idea to give someone a home…

After much deliberation, she went to a local shelter. When she got there, Bridgid made a strange request to the staff, asking to be shown to her the animal that was there more than the others. She was immediately pointed to a kitty named Kali.

The cat was a stray and one day ended up in a shelter. She was completely deaf and, judging by the absence of most of her teeth, quite old.


A cat with huge green eyes came out of its cage with a loud meow. That «meow» sounded so special that she smiled for the first time in a long time.

Bridgid took her purrfect little cat home. The kitty immediately went to the sink and started meowing, until the girl guessed to open the faucet. After taking a couple of sips of water, Kali poked her hand, hinting that it was time to pet her.


The cat literally clung to her human and purred loudly.

The first night Kali did not sleep at all, worrying about her surroundings. But in the morning the cat curled up at the girl’s feet and fell asleep. It was probably at that moment that she realized she was at home.


Since then, Kali fell asleep every night, nestled next to her owner. The cat was very affectionate and loved to cuddle.

The girl says that the old cat brought a lot of joy into her life. It is so important to understand that someone needs you!

It was great that Bridget decided to take this particular cat from the shelter!

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«Give me a cat that nobody wants!» A girl came to the shelter with a strange request
I quarreled with my husband, decided to take the cat and leave, but then the cat did such a terrible thing … To this day we live with her husband in heart to heart!