From a shelter to a loving family — 19 touching photos

A pet is a pet because it needs a home. Few can survive on the street, and there’s little pleasure in a cage. It’s good when four-legged pets move into happy lives!

It’s been a couple of minutes since a shelter.

Hi, shall we make friends?

The Road Home

This is where I’m going to sleep from now on.


That’s what it means to get into good hands

Lou, 16, is a master of making faces, begging for treats

We took in a cat and she’s not alone

He had been in a cage for five years, and now he was free!

We became friends in a matter of hours

Luckily I took in a cat just before quarantine

Two Boots are a Couple.

A petite girl picked up a 7.5-pound cat from a shelter. And what paws!

All the way home, he looked at his man

Super-fast adaptation to a new environment

«The world is an uncomfortable place, so I decided to make the two of us happy.»


It seems that Rimosa is finally lucky enough to meet a good man.

Choosing each other, tired

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From a shelter to a loving family — 19 touching photos
The most beautiful cats in the world.