Five toddlers battling for life in a tied up plastic bag

How can you do this to them 😭
Often «kind» people drop animals off at the doors of shelters in tied bags. So it happened to the volunteers of «Kind Heart»: one day they found on their territory a large plastic bag from sugar in which someone was rummaging.

The shelter dogs sniffed curiously at the unusual find. Volunteers quickly untied the bag and out popped five adorable little puppies. What a weighty addition to the shelter’s life in one day!

The first to go home was red-haired cutie Noah.

Soon he found a family and an adorable big-eared Yum. In his new family he loves to sit and look out the window!

But the three sisters had to stay without their owners a little longer. Nadyusha was a very gentle and modest dog, but not at all shy. She was soon spotted by a loving family and found a home.

This is the kind of adult dog she has become after only a year! By the way, just like her brother Yum, she loves to sit and look out the window. That’s what genes mean.

Nyasha was known for her love of human company and her docile disposition. She went to an apartment with a family close to the shelter volunteers and got along well with their child.

In her new home, Nyasha got a more serious name — Bertha.

But it hasn’t lost its cuteness!

Nyusha, the last of the sisters, found her owners when she was six months old.

It turns out that Nyusha loves cucumbers. These are some strange and funny food preferences of the dog

That’s how all five puppies, no one wanted and thrown on the street in a bag, turned into beautiful dogs and made their people happy.

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Five toddlers battling for life in a tied up plastic bag
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