Do you want a husky in your home? Read this first!

Huskies are an amazingly beautiful breed of dog.

Especially everyone is attracted to their incredible blue eyes. Beautiful shaggy hair is also very liked by dog breeders. Therefore, in recent years, huskies are only gaining popularity among people who dream of having a dog. And while originally husky breed dogs were just sled dogs, now many people just want to have such a dog as a pet.

But the problem is that all these people know too little about huskies. Before getting such a dog, you should learn a little bit more about its habits. This article will open your eyes to the northern beauties.



1. You could consider it a plus that the husky doesn’t eat much. But that’s not the case, he does not eat much from his bowl, the rest he eats in the nearest pile of garbage on the walk.

2. husky walks quietly next to the owner on a leash. Until he sees a cat, another dog, a new bush (and an old bush), a pigeon, a flying bag, a pile of garbage. At that point, let go of the leash and let it run. We still need shoulder and elbow joints.

Husky is kind. Kind to everyone, no exceptions. Count on the fact that he will protect you from thugs on the street, stupid and pointless. You can ask the bully to hold the leash and immediately run. He may not know your leash and run straight away.

4) Husky is a hunter. Personally, mine was mercilessly killed two kittens, a goat and a half (one, I think, did not finish, but I paid for two), a chicken, in the amount of one piece. And the little things, like all kinds of rodents, I do not count at all.

5. Wool is a condiment to every dish on your table. It’s everywhere. The dog seems to shave at night while everyone is sleeping. Clean every day, twice a day, all to no avail, the dog will shed some more.


6. Shoes. Shoes will be hidden at all times. At first, guests who come to your house will leave in one shoe until they get used to hiding them. Don’t expect to get house slippers in my house. No, I’m not greedy, they just got eaten a long time ago.

7. Huskies don’t bark. They do. They don’t bark, they howl. Sometimes singing along to various singing cowards from the TV. But believe me, the first time he will howl in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep. And he will do it with soul, like a natural wolf. I’m sure you’ll set aside enough bricks to build more twin towers in New York City.

8. Huskies have design skills. Mine started the renovations in the hallway and kitchen, peeling the wallpaper while I was getting it. Finished it, of course, I did. He loves rearranging all the furniture he can move (kitchen table, chairs, small side tables).

9. Husky chews everything, not just shoes. Loves unraveling balls of thread, running away from you with your new jeans, tearing your girlfriends tights. Trying to fight this, I brought him different toys. Rubber balls are killed in two or three days, a tennis ball is eaten by the jaws of an adult dog in a day. Beef bones save the day, they last longer.


10. Speaking of bones. Huskies are very hoarders. Rest assured, in all corners of the house, as well as neatly wrapped in your duvet cover, will be lying around the nibbled remains of the poor cow. Don’t try to gather them all up (won’t work, he knows more hidden corners in your house) to take to his bowl, the dog will still, spread them out as they were.

11. Forget about sleeping in the morning. The dog demands a walk. He doesn’t care if it’s a snowstorm and minus thirty outside, he even has furry ears. It’s the same thing in the evening. Everyone knows that they are sled dogs, so they love to run. Got yourself a husky? You like to run.

12. Sleeping through the walk? It’s your own fault. But for such cases, save a bigger scoop in the pantry, because the dog will not torture his body. And the dog is big, so he goes to the bathroom like a big dog.

13. The most epic pooch happens in early spring and late fall. Husky remembers his kinship (not proven by scientists, but I’m sure) with a pig. The puddle is its best friend. And with the dead, decomposed cat, we’ve been together since first grade, in general. You have to cuddle with him to bring home the scent of fresh, rotting, decomposed flesh.

14. Going to drive the dog in the car? Congratulations, they hate you at car washes and charge you double for vacuuming the interior.

15. I don’t know if this is the latest or whatever, but just in case you already have a cat living in the house, don’t worry. Chances are, they’ll get along and your dog won’t kill his cat (which I can’t promise the neighbor’s). Just be sure to clear a high place for the cat that the husky can’t get to. From now on, the cat eats on the windowsill, under the supervision and defense of the owner, and sleeps on the refrigerator. Mine, though, has taken a leap of faith lately, and even drinks from his bowl.


16. Husky is the biggest beggar in the world. Have you seen the gypsies at the market? Well, they learned from the husky. The cat from «Shrek» also learned acting from the husky. If you get used to his puppy dog look, your relatives and friends are willing to give him the last crust of bread in a hungry year. After all, «he’s asking for it.»

17. Huskies are very selective about food. Rather, very odd in their food choices. The fresh cucumber in his bowl is equal to a piece of concrete that was put there by drunken construction workers from a nearby construction site. The Husky is smart and knows not to eat concrete. The same cucumber the owner is holding in his hands is equal to a medium-rare marbled beef steak. The husky is smart and knows you can eat that kind of steak.

18. Thief and husky are words synonymous. Left a sandwich on the table and went out to get your phone? Come back and make yourself a new one. Poured dumplings into boiling water and dropped one on the floor? Don’t even try to find it. By the way, this is a bit of a plus, you don’t have to bend over to pick up the food that fell on the floor. I can tell you from experience, very handy when you dropped an egg on the floor or spilled sour cream.


19. In addition to being an interior designer, Husky is also a landscape designer. The design of your yard will become very peculiar, no flowers, no small trees and bushes. But a lot of holes. In one of them you are sure to step, and dislocate his foot.

20. Husky is smart. Very smart. But very cunning. Able to perform any commands, from sit / lie down and ending with a somersault over his head back. But only if you have a tasty treat in your hands and he understands that it is for him. If not, you can sit/lie on your own. By the way, for a fresh chicken cutlet, is willing to tell Newton’s second law of motion.

21. If he does not have time to let go of the rope from his hands, he will dislocate his shoulder. The adult sturdy dog tears from the spot like a ’69 Dodge charger.

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Do you want a husky in your home? Read this first!
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