British scientists tried to find out exactly what the IQ of cats is

British scientists claim that not only humans have impressive intelligence, but also such representatives of the animal world as cats. Cats are able to «match» intelligence with humans, dolphins, octopuses or crows. It turns out that domestic furry pets belong to the intelligent species. Researchers have done serious work to identify the intelligence quotient in cats and cats.

To achieve an effective result, a special system was created, the development of which helped to determine the IQ of representatives of the feline family


Thus it was found that some meowing creatures are at the level of intellectual development of three-year-old children. According to scientists, this figure is not a determining factor for all cats. Some animals have even more advanced intelligence, a figure that may increase over time. Other cats have a lower IQ than a three-year-old child. Also, this child IQ cannot be considered an exact number to be used in research.

This figure can be taken as an average comparison. The experiment to determine the average intelligence level of domestic cats involved different breeds of tailed cats, including stray animals. It is worth noting that the IQ of homeless individuals was not inferior to that of cats living with their owners.

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British scientists tried to find out exactly what the IQ of cats is
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