Answer a simple question — «Why do you love your kitty?» Having trouble? Then take a look at the list of answers!

Despite the simplicity of the question, «Why do we love cats?» — not everyone can answer it. There is a lot to love these furry pets for.

Each person trying to answer this question will have a whole list of answers.


To find out the specific answer to such a question, it was decided to conduct a study.

The first thing that came to mind was the scientific work done by the American Emma Wilson. She studied how toxoplasmosis, coming from cats, affects people. It turned out that absolutely nothing.

There are people who can’t live without furry cats, and there are those who are the opposite. But still the number of those who love them prevails, and very strongly. And it does not matter how they behave, people still adore them.

So why do we love these troublemakers and hooligans? After all, they are constantly spoiling something! As a result, we found a lot of answers, of which we have allocated 21.

No animal in nature is cuter than a cat, so it doesn’t matter how they behave.


Cats love adventures and find them all the time.


They have a lot of energy, which they spend on games and entertainment.


They are brave pets.


Sometimes they are so defenseless, you want to protect them!


The grace of these pets can only be envied. Sometimes they do really chic poses.


A cat will always figure out a way to turn a simple cardboard box into a comfortable lounge chair.


They like to sleep and do so for more than half of their lives.


These pets are very mystical and truly regal.


They are always ready to help us with our daily chores.


Thanks to their cute appearance, we are distracted from everyday life.


They can go hours without doing anything with us.


The sense of humor of these representatives of the feline family is enviable.


They are so funny and always ready to cheer us up!


They are big naughty people, and you don’t get bored with them.


Cat moms are the most responsible and caring.


There is no denying that it is cats that are wise animals.


They have great intelligence and ingenuity.


You can’t think of a better alarm clock than this pet.


There’s no better warming pad than your fluffy kitty.


These are the best hunters we admire.


This, of course, is not the whole list and it could go on and on. But we all know that there is much to love and respect for purrs.

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Answer a simple question — «Why do you love your kitty?» Having trouble? Then take a look at the list of answers!
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