An old dog was put in a bag and dropped off at an animal shelter

How is that possible?
In the morning during their daily cleaning, the volunteers saw a bag lying on their property. They thought it was a garbage bag full of junk. Apparently, they had forgotten to remove it the day before.

However, we decided to look in the bag. And what was it? There was a live «surprise» waiting for them. Even veteran animal advocates were horrified.

There was a tiny little dog sitting quietly and peacefully in the bag. Only his eyes were big and very sad. The former owners had «taken care» of the pet by wrapping it in a blanket. But the dog was shaking from the cold, and from fear. At the same time, for some reason it was wet and heavily soiled with dirt.

This little guy was afraid of absolutely everything. It was such an impression that he was afraid to even breathe normally.

Who would just throw a pet out of their house, put it in a bag, and throw it near the walls of a shelter for homeless animals? It turns out there are such people…

Later it became clear that the small-sized dog was about 8 or 9 years old. Volunteers gave the dog the nickname Temka.

And he was sitting, eyes down, and wouldn’t even look at people. Looking at the dog, you could think that he felt guilty for being here and causing trouble for the shelter workers.

In fact, the baby had been sitting for 24 hours without movement, food or drink. He suffered, and even now he is afraid of the unknown place and unknown people around him.

But the next morning, Thema began to recover from his shock and even ate a little. Then he allowed himself to wash off the dirt and went for a little walk with the volunteers to explore the surroundings.

While walking with a new shelter resident, the workers noticed that the pooch was somehow «wrong» on his hind legs. He also can’t jump up and down properly. Although all of this did not cause him any inconvenience.

Later, the doctors realized that the dog was born with slightly deformed paws. But overall he was healthy. It remains a mystery, then, why the owners decided to deny the doggie his home?

Experts also noted that the newcomer was very nervous. And that’s understandable. After all, he has been in a home environment all his life. And here, with many new people and animals around, he was uncomfortable, anxious.

But Tema was lucky. Quite soon the new owners liked him. And they took the dog to their home. Now the dog is called Joe.

Here, at the new owners, the dog began to feel calm. He almost immediately made friends with the other dog who lived here. And in general, he forgot what anxiety, insecurity was.

Of course, Tema is no longer young. But he is still inquisitive, agile and loves to play. And he does not sleep anywhere, but next to his mistress.

It is interesting that such a small size Joe tries to protect their home. His barking can be heard every time someone rings the doorbell.

The volunteers are very happy that this sweet dog is doing well from now on.

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An old dog was put in a bag and dropped off at an animal shelter
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