An abandoned cat was waiting for its owner in the woods, getting fat for some unknown reason

Once they found a fat little purr in the woods. He was sitting miserably on dry leaves, but wouldn’t leave his spot. People fed him, and the cat gladly ate the treats. But when they tried to take him out of the woods, the animal would tear itself away, scratch and run back to the same place.

And then people who cared decided to find out why the cat didn’t want to leave, and it was getting fatter…

«I’m not leaving here — don’t even ask me to!»

A film crew from one of the local TV channels went to the specified place. The visitors were interested to get acquainted with the inhabitant of the forest, which by all rules should have been in domestic conditions, but not in the middle of dry autumn leaves.

When they found the kitty, they were surprised at how affectionate the snow-white pet with gray flecks was. He happily offered his face for petting, blissfully closed his eyes when stroked, and even answered a call, trustingly approaching a person. But in the hands of the baby did not want to go at all! He scratched, torn away and went back to the place where they took him.

They gave up trying to take the little fella for a while, but then the visitors decided to take a closer look. On examining it more closely, they noticed its enormous belly. Could it really be a cat, and was it pregnant?! What they needed was a veterinarian to help them catch the stray and clear up the situation!

Soon the doctor arrived on the scene. He assumed the animal was about 2 years old and tried to figure out why the pet was sitting near a pile of leaves and wouldn’t leave the unsightly spot.

According to the vet, the fact that the cat doesn’t want to leave the wooded area is a sure sign of betrayal on the part of the owner. Most likely, the pet’s owner simply left him in the woods by bringing him in a carrier, and the poor cat didn’t realize he had been abandoned. He’s still hoping his owner will be back any minute, which means he can’t leave his place!

The mystery of the fat tummy

People who live near the forest area confirmed the doctor’s words. The cat really has been sitting in the same clearing for three months now, waiting, waiting, waiting…

Meanwhile, the vet picked up the animal and instantly realized that it was a cat, not a cat after all. But why did it have such a big belly? Was the poor guy sick of something?

The people unanimously decided that they had to take the cat out of the woods. It was clear that the owner was not interested in him for a long time, so there was no point in staying in the woods. Besides, cold weather was coming, and the cat might be exposed to severe winter trials…

After a short discussion, the visitors decided that it was time to act. A cage was prepared for the obstinate kitty and, despite his reluctance, they quickly put him in it and took him to the clinic.

There our hero had an ultrasound and realized that his fat tummy — a consequence of banal overeating. The fact that compassionate people all the time fed the cat, and he tried to eat everything quickly to «stock up» on food. The greedy eating of the gifts that people brought him led to obesity, because even when the cat was full, he still continued to stuff his belly!

Well, now he is safe, and he will be fed in dosage. Besides, our hero is sure to find new owners, because the days of his stay in the cold forest are a thing of the past!

Well, we are very happy that the pet can be happy again!

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An abandoned cat was waiting for its owner in the woods, getting fat for some unknown reason
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