A woman took three blind cats from the shelter, who had been waiting a year for an owner…

Three blind cats have lived in a shelter for more than a year, waiting for a future owner…

The woman who took them in said that at first she was very afraid of them, but a year later she admired their affection and kindness.

On Christmas Eve 2014, three kittens were found in an abandoned warehouse in Dubai. They had a bad cold and due to conjunctivitis they lost their eyesight completely, writes Bored Panda. The cubs were taken to an animal shelter, and the volunteers named the cat Blue, and his sisters Willow and Meadow.

At first, a neighbor of the animals’ former owner took Blue in, but the cat missed his sisters very much and had to be returned to the shelter.

— The confused kitten could not live without his sisters and screamed all night long, all the time trying to find them.


The blind cats lived in the shelter for more than a year and could no longer be there, but a woman was found who was willing to take all three of them in — Catherine Magno.

— I had no such experience. But their story touched me to the core, I couldn’t bear the thought that they might be put in a cage and used for experiments, or worse.


At first Catherine was afraid of the difficulties that might arise with her blind pets, because she already had other cats living at home.

— I was scared because all the articles I read about caring for blind pets said very overwhelming things. But I took it all as a challenge.


But soon the woman saw that Blue, Willow and Meadow had settled into the apartment, were getting along well and playing with each other.

They found common ground with Catherine’s other cats as well. A year later, the woman believes that the kittens are virtually no different from healthy animals.


— Each of them has a different character, but all of them are affectionate and always want to be near. It is true they say that blind animals see with their hearts.

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A woman took three blind cats from the shelter, who had been waiting a year for an owner…
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