A woman took in a sick dog and changed his life

Saving a dog from being put to sleep affected Lauren Bunkley’s thinking. She realized how many dogs in the world could be saved to become faithful companions.

t’s just that, unfortunately, they don’t always get the chance. Four years have passed, and now Lauren has had the opportunity to save a dog who was sick, and it seemed that nothing could help her anymore.

The dog, named Lainie, was found in a terrible condition by someone who cared. He couldn’t keep her and posted her photo on Facebook. Lauren decided to take her for herself.

For starters, the girl took her new pet to the vet, who determined a diagnosis of demodecosis and secondary infections.

The causative agent of canine demodicosis is the mite, which subsequently affects the internal organs and skin. It is a very serious disease that can lead to the death of the animal. Therefore, Lainie was lucky that they took care of her in time.

For four months, the dog was given medication, coconut oil was added to her food, and coconut oil was applied to her skin. Twice a week she was given therapeutic baths. Gradually Lainie began to recover, got better, grew hair, and her look became more joyful. Now she is happy and lives in love and care.

This story is very motivating to do good deeds and shows how animals need our help.

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A woman took in a sick dog and changed his life
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