A woman took home a deaf-blind puppy who became an idol for schoolchildren

This unusual Chihuahua was born in 2017 in a home where about 35 dogs already lived. The puppy was unlucky, he was born deaf and blind. No one in the big house was going to take care of the problem baby.

But on the life path of the chihuahua, volunteers appeared. They took the puppy and offered to help the experienced veterinarian Melissa Shapiro with the adaptation. The vet had to put up with a lot, but she agreed to take the baby to her home.

The piglet, the name the volunteers gave the puppy, turned out to be a nervous dog. He had an unstable psyche and could not stand even a minute without a human around. The little boy screamed with fear in his new home, and at such moments his owners’ hearts ached.

However, the fact that there were five other dogs in the house helped Piglet a little. He began to open up and trust Warren and Melissa. The couple were able to develop a whole tactile system for communicating with Piglet.

The Shapiro’s are sincerely proud of the success of their four-legged ward, so they started an Instagram for Piglet. Touching and surprisingly kind videos and photos quickly attracted the attention of users, and now Piglet has 248,000 loyal followers.

Because of the Internet, one teacher found out about Piglet’s story. She developed a whole curriculum for her students based on the Pig’s story. So she decided to inspire her students not to give up even in difficult circumstances.

Melissa, Piggy’s owner, supported the idea. Together with the teacher they created a whole website dedicated to the unusual puppy. On it they published materials to work on the development of positive thinking in children. And next summer the Shapiro’s plan to publish a whole book about the Piglet.

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A woman took home a deaf-blind puppy who became an idol for schoolchildren
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