A woman asked for help for a stray puppy and then left him on the street at night after the clinic

Let the dog be happy
Here is another sad story of a stray dog. At the end of the summer, a woman found a sick pooch on the street and, feeling a rush of pity for him, decided to help. But she did not have money for the treatment of her little tail, so she called a Zooma volunteer with a request to pay for the vet’s services. The woman assured the volunteer that she would take the pet home for the time of treatment and recovery. So we made a deal.

The next day the dog was brought to the clinic. The puppy’s condition was assessed as severe. At 5 months of age he weighed only 2.5 kg. In addition, the tail was severely damaged front legs. While the puppy was living in the territory of the plant, it got into some chemical substances used for the treatment. On the paws were applied special chemicals and a bandage was put on.

In the evening the woman came and took baby Lisa home, as promised. Only in the morning she left a strange message for Zoomma. The woman said that she had to take the doggie back to the facility. Because her family did not want to keep the flea-ridden and sickly pet at home, worrying that their other dog could get infected from it.

How could a grown man do that! If you took such an important step — to adopt a stray sick animal, couldn’t you have coordinated everything with your housemates beforehand?! Or did the woman just make up that excuse because she didn’t want to take care of the poor thing? And now, because of this negligence, the poor dog, who trusted the man, was again forced to find herself on the street!

Volunteers went to look for Lisa and found her curled up in a box. They quickly began to look for a rehome, which was a huge problem in Kursk. With great difficulty, one family agreed to take the dog, but put her in a kennel in the yard.

A few days later, Lisa was taken to another specialist. He found a bunch of diseases. The veterinarian said that the feet should be operated, but first we have to fatten her up well in order to improve the general condition. The baby was given chicken breasts with porridge, which she eats with pleasure.

Zoomama has many tailed pets, but only a few in serious condition, and among them Lisa. The woman knew that hardly anyone would agree to take care of such a sick pet, but still actively searched for a good person. After all, the baby girl in such a bad condition continued to live on the street, and she needs a warm home.

The mom had given up on finding a home for Lisa, but the heavenly host heard her pleas and the baby ended up in good hands.

Thank you very much to the One who agreed to take care and love this suffering doggie!

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A woman asked for help for a stray puppy and then left him on the street at night after the clinic
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