A woman approached a man on the street and asked him to «take the sin» of drowning kittens…

— Hello! … When I turned around at the voice, I saw that an older woman was talking to me. From her face and the way she spoke, it was clear that she was slightly insane.

— Hello. Do you want something? — I answered.

— Take the sin on your soul!

With these words, she held out a small basket to my face and tucked away the handkerchief. Inside was a fluffy, meowing lump.

— I have nowhere to go,» I threw up my hands. — I added louder, in case she couldn’t hear well.

— Of course we don’t. He would sink, and I’m afraid,» she muttered, throwing the handkerchief back. I’ll give you a bottle of liquor or some money. I have something for a rainy day. Will you help me?

After thinking for a second (though I was hardly thinking at all at that moment), I put my hand into the basket and took out a kitten, wandered home…
— Why did you bring it? — My wife greeted me with these words, she did not even let me in the apartment.

— Well, let it live, why do you start?

— Where you took it, take it with you! — With these words she slammed the door in my face.

I put the kitten on my palm, deciding to look at this miracle at last. The baby opened its pink mouth and began to scream.


— Yeah, bro, you gave me trouble,» I scratched his ear and decided to feed him.

It was drizzling with a fine, November rain outside. I went to the nearest supermarket and bought kitten food. Picking up a sheet of cardboard, I dumped the food on it and while the kitty was eating, I pondered my next move. It occurred to me to leave it here for someone kind to pick up.

At that moment, to my right, some very «kind» schoolchildren started beating a flock of pigeons with sticks with laughter and frenzy. I looked to my left, a pack of undoubtedly «kind» but very hungry homeless dogs was trotting by the dumpster.

Tucking the baby under my coat, I went to the swing set right in front of our windows and went on strike. A couple of hours later, the phone rang. I answered the phone and heard the following.

— You have to vacuum every day! Do you hear me?

— Yeah.

— If I see one hair…

— I got it.

— Oh… — heavy sigh — Come on in!

Timothy the cat is four years old now, but he still sleeps on that old, worn-out coat I brought him in. He won’t accept any other bedding…

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A woman approached a man on the street and asked him to «take the sin» of drowning kittens…
The cat got stuck in the window and waited several hours for help. But the owners did not care.