A lonely cat wandered through the parking lot… A man waited a long time to help the purr, not yet knowing she was pregnant

The man noticed a lone cat wandering around the parking lot. He wanted to approach it, but the purring cat quickly ran away, not wanting to make contact.

A month later, the man returned and saw the same cat again. Since winter was approaching, he could not leave the animal in the parking lot all alone…


A passerby who is not indifferent is named Sylvain. He lives in Montreal, Canada. When the man approached the cat a second time, he expected it to run away, just as it did the first time. But this time, the purr allowed the stranger to approach him.

Sylvain asked the parking lot staff about the kitty and learned that she had appeared about two or three months ago. He knew the little one needed help, so he took some pictures of the animal and posted them on Facebook. Perhaps it would help find her owners, if she had any…


But no one wanted the cat, so Sylvain turned to the local rescue group for help. All the volunteers were busy, so the man had to catch the cat himself.

Sylvain began to visit and feed the purr every day. That is how he tried to gain the cat’s trust. After a while, the cat became a little less afraid of the stranger.


The man set a special trap in the parking lot and soon caught the purr. Then he took it home and fed it well. The cat immediately felt safe and made himself comfortable.


The next weekend Sylvain took the animal to the vet, unaware that he was in for a big surprise. It turned out that the kitty was pregnant!

Fortunately, instead of fleeing the cold outside, she had a warm and safe place to give birth.

Sylvain gave the little girl the nickname Tisha, and continued to take care of her until he found a volunteer who could take care of kittens.

At the beginning of November, Tisha was taken in by a girl named Stephanie.


Tisha quickly became accustomed both to her new surroundings and to her foster mom. Soon she gave birth to four adorable and healthy kittens! Stephanie helped the cat during the birth, never leaving her side.

Now the babies are about a month old. Tisha takes excellent care of the babies, giving them all her love and attention.

If the cat had to give birth on the street, her babies would hardly survive. But thanks to Sylvain’s kindness, the fluffballs have all the chances of a long and happy life!

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A lonely cat wandered through the parking lot… A man waited a long time to help the purr, not yet knowing she was pregnant
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