A kind man searched the whole neighborhood to get the puppies back their mom

A simple good deed
Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not just doing something, but that you’ve been chosen by a higher power to do it? Manohar Lal, a 36-year-old Indian web developer, can now boast that such an experience has taken place in his life. And while the story is unassuming at first glance, the editorial staff believes that it never hurts to tell stories of good deeds.

One day in mid-April, Manohar Lal was returning home from work, his way past an abandoned house, when suddenly there was whining and yapping. He followed the sound and found a litter of puppies, seven of them. So small, about two weeks old, they were crying pitifully with hunger. The man couldn’t get past them, but he reasoned sensibly that the mother dog was probably wandering around looking for food somewhere nearby, and therefore it wasn’t worth taking the pups away. He just poured them some milk and left.

The next day, however, the cubs were still crying, and the mother was gone. And then Manohar realized that it was his duty to deal with the situation, to help the canine family reunite. He took the day off, got his friends involved, and started looking around the neighborhood. Half a day later he got a call from an acquaintance and reported a «confused dog» 6 km away, who looked like he was lost. It wasn’t much of a chance, but what if? So they went after the dog.

Did you notice how the dog sniffed everyone, counted everyone, and only then began to feed? There it is, a real family. According to Manohar, it was one of the brightest and most joyful moments of his life in recent memory. He had done something that was little more than a good deed. And it’s beautiful!

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A kind man searched the whole neighborhood to get the puppies back their mom
The dog had become unwanted by its owners and volunteers were worried that the old husky would not find a new family