A girl found an almost blind kitten in the street and changed its life

Well done
How nice that there are people who care about the plight of stray animals. Such is Molly Sotak of Los Angeles. When she saw a kitten on the street whose eyes were barely opening because she was sick, she didn’t pass it by. She knew right away that the baby had a serious infection.

A few days later she took the kitty, whom she named Nellie, to the shelter. She was in a most terrible condition. All sick, emaciated, having no strength for anything. The kitty wouldn’t even come into contact — she was so afraid of people. This was the reason why Molly did not take the cat home with her.

Nellie needed a thorough treatment. And she was very successful. By that time a family had shown up who intended to give Nellie shelter.

The former homeless kitten entered her new life under the name Dina.

Now she was unrecognizable. She was a sickly, ugly kitten, but now she is a beauty with fluffy hair and clear blue eyes. She has a home and a separate house, a lot of different toys and caring owners.

Moreover, Dean has an Instagram page. And everyone who once worried about the plight of a sick, blind kitten can now see how he lives. Living beautifully!

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A girl found an almost blind kitten in the street and changed its life
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