A cat is an indicator of your well-being!

Most normal people have an extremely positive attitude toward cats, but some members of the human race have an inexplicable dislike for them. Cats irritate them, make them nervous, disturb them, and cause a desire to immediately chase away.

At first glance it seems that there is nothing wrong. Well a person doesn’t like cats, it’s his own business! Maybe it is, but I say, «This is a reason to seriously think about it!»

The domestic cat, along with the dog, has lived next to man since time immemorial. But if the purpose of the dog from the beginning was specific and clear — hunting, protection, then with cats everything turned out to be much more complicated.


The extermination of small pests like rats and mice can be called a concomitant service, the main purpose of the domestic cat is not at all. A cat has a unique bioenergetic system. It can subtly tune in to the surrounding biofields and even enter into resonance with them, thus carrying out their correction, and if necessary, recharge, and in exceptional cases, even full recovery.

Stories of owners of domestic cats about how, after communicating with their pets, their headaches disappeared and their blood pressure normalized are not fables at all. Any failure in our body will invariably manifest itself as a distortion of the energy aura, and the cat feels it and rushes to the rescue.

However, the talents of these fluffy beauties do not end there. A cat can serve as a kind of indicator of human well-being. When everything is in order in our life, the cat living nearby is calm, it sleeps a lot, doesn’t neglect hygienic procedures, and has a good appetite.


If your pet becomes nervous for no reason, stops taking care of herself, or eats poorly, it means that something is wrong. Usually cats and cats are the most sensitive to quarrels in the family, and they always take the side unfairly affected in these conflicts. If, for example, if you have unfairly punished your child, the cat will certainly come to him, and, petting and purring, will try to calm the child and restore his emotional balance.

And now I want to go, in fact, to what I began to write this article. Like any subtle relationship, the relationship between a cat and a human is bidirectional. Cats feel us, but humans also feel cats very well. That is why people who are indifferent to cats are very rare. There is either sympathy or dislike. With sympathy everything is clear, but with dislike… According to my observations: 90% of alcoholics could not stand cats; the majority of women acquaintances, whose private life was not charitable, regularly and in occasion or in absence of occasion declared: «I hate cats!»; children, abused in family or school transferred their feelings on stray or neighbor cats. There are many examples of this kind.


It is safe to say, that for people whose karma is not ideal, cats cause negative emotions. Such people should think seriously about how to change their life and make it better and happier. And then these little fluffy cuties will cause them nothing but smiles!

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