A cat became a foster mom for an unusual baby

A miracle!
As you know, there are no strangers’ children. Especially if the baby is completely helpless, many want to help him. And we are talking not only about people, but also about the representatives of the animal world. For any mother would not refuse to come to the aid of any baby. Even if it is a different species.

Stephanie Meyer, who lives in the United States, recently told a touching story on her Facebook page. A cat who lives next door to Stephanie gave birth to kittens. The black-colored beauty gave birth to five cute little kittens at once.

A few days later, another kitten was spotted next to the cat’s «mother. It turned out to be adopted! The little one was trying to cling to the cat’s neck and would not let her go.

The adopted son was… a possum. It’s unclear how he got into this cat family. But the kitty did take him into her custody.

In general, all possums are born quite weak. Therefore, as much as 1.5 months they grow up in their mothers’ pouches. And even after that, for a certain period of time they still live on their parent’s back. Only then they are able to live quite an independent life.

Probably this newborn somehow couldn’t sit on its mother’s back and fell to the ground. Nor can we rule out the fact that the baby possum was simply abandoned. And the kind cat, sensing that this baby would not survive, began to take care of him as if he were her own kitten.

But the most important thing is that from now on, the «nobody’s» possum is out of danger. He’s not hungry or cold. One day he will be an adult. Then he will leave his foster family.

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A cat became a foster mom for an unusual baby
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