A 15-year-old one-eared stray cat finally waited for someone to take him in

This thoroughly battered cat, which on examination was determined to be 15 years old, was found on the street in New Jersey (USA). The cat was very thin and had one defective or frostbitten ear. When he was brought to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage, the shelter staff soon realized that the cat loved human companionship and was drawn to people (a rarity for stray cats).

This super affectionate guy shouldn’t spend his remaining years in a shelter,» says one Voorhees Animal Orphanage staff member.

The shelter gave the cat the nickname Barnaby and he quickly became the favorite of every shelter staff member. They realized that this cat could be a wonderful companion for anyone, even though he was a very old cat.

Barnaby’s picture and story was posted on a Facebook page and soon veterinarian Ed Sheehan and his wife Claire of Sheehan Veterinary Centre came across it.

When we saw his picture, we knew he needed not just a host, but good veterinary care and attention because of his age and appearance.

The Sheehan couple immediately contacted the shelter and offered to take the cat into their family. When Barnaby was picked up and brought to Dr. Sheehan’s office, the cat immediately strode into the office as if he had lived there for a long time. He quickly took on the role of supervising cat.

He walks around all the corners like he’s afraid he’s going to miss a spot and at night he sits on my lap and makes sure I’m doing my paperwork right,» said vet Rachel at Sheehan Clinic. «We give him antibiotics and he seems to be getting better and putting on weight a little bit.

Despite his age, Barnaby is very lively.

He immediately loved his special food for older cats and loves to be scratched with a brush. He also enjoys eating even his antibiotics and is not cranky.

Dr. Sheehan and his wife took him in because they understood that for the average person, keeping an elderly cat with its ailments and problems can be a burden, including financially, since vet bills in the United States are not cheap.

Sometimes Barnaby has a poor appetite and refuses to eat, then the nurse feeds him a special cat formula with vitamins in small portions through a spoon. Barnaby’s eyesight is also not very good due to his age.

He realizes he’s old himself, but he gets a lot of love and care here. He’s a happy boy,» Claire says, «It’s our goal to keep him as healthy and happy as possible for all the years he has left. No one knows what hardships he went through in the past, but we all love and care for him now.

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A 15-year-old one-eared stray cat finally waited for someone to take him in
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