9 signs of a cat’s hot love for you

Have you ever wondered if your pet has feelings for you? Cats show their feelings for their owners in many ways. Some are fairly obvious, and the meaning of other displays of affection may be buried deep inside. Sometimes they can be very difficult to recognize.

So here are nine signs that you are truly loved:

1. he brings you «gifts»

As strange as it is when your pet lavishes you with dead prey, in their language it is considered a gift to their master. «My master can’t feed himself. I should help him a little.»


2. Your kitty reveals her tummy (and more)

Cats don’t show their bellies to every passerby. If your happy kitty rolls across the floor revealing his fluffy tummy, rest assured that this indicates that you are fully in his circle of trust, he is comfortable and secure, and he is feeling loved and protected, as being on his back almost makes him defenseless. Cats are proud animals, so if they do, they have no problem going into defenseless mode when you’re around.


3. they rub their heads against you

Even though you may never think of this gesture as being friendly to you, your cat is trying to tell you a lot by rubbing its head against you. In sharing this privilege with you, they perform this feline ritual, leaving facial pheromones on your body. This is an unusual expression of feeling for you and an indication that you are henceforth their possession. It is very important for them to leave their scent on your body.


4. Likes nibbling…but luckily not as much!

When your cat playfully bites your hands and feet, it is an indication of their strong affection for you. But don’t mistake bloody scratched body parts for kindness and love. You are the victim of aggression.


5. Chases you everywhere

Cats follow their owners, whom they love, everywhere, so if a furry pet gets under your feet all the time or accidentally trips you up, almost knocking you over, you should know that he is controlled by a banal desire to be near you.

6. Knees on the master

If the cat thought you were a pizza topping that needed urgent kneading, this is truly a way of showing his feelings, which he has been developing since he was a little girl when his mother was nursing her. Massaging your body parts with their paws has been known to put them into a blissful state.


7. Twitching the tip of the tail

A cat’s tail is a kind of mood sensor that describes their mood with every movement he makes. If your pet’s tail twitches incessantly from side to side in your presence, keep in mind, you’re getting nowhere with their love. Amazing cats.


8. The Power of Purr

Every owner knows that cute furry creatures purr when they experience happiness. If a pet does this every time you run your fingers down her back or gently scratch her neck, it’s a good sign that she’s looking at you in a special way.


9. Kiss and gaze

Cats tend to exchange looks only with those with whom they are very used to and whom they trust a lot, so if you are lucky enough to witness a cat gently inspecting you from top to bottom, don’t worry. Such a look is accompanied by slow blinks, and as soon as your eyes cross, you should understand that in the cat’s language it means that he has just given you a cat kiss. Be a pout and reciprocate by giving him the same look.


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9 signs of a cat’s hot love for you
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