8 principles of life for cat people and their pets

It is no secret that people to some extent identify with their pet. And a long time ago many people chose their favorite type of animal. Some people like dogs, some people like cats, and for others there is no better companion than their favorite cockatoo parrot.

But today we’re going to talk about «cat people. After all, those who have an adorable purr living at home and themselves deep in their hearts notice a lot of similarities between themselves and their cats and cats. And also, watching these independent but affectionate creatures day after day, we learn valuable lessons from them.

And in our next selection, here are 8 reasons why you’ll always be proud to say you’re a cat person.

1. Like you, your cat is independent


You always have a lot to do outside the house, and your cat has a lot to do too, even if she’s an apartment dweller. Not to mention cats with access to the yard! But when you come home, the gentle, affectionate cat is always happy to see what you have in the big pile. After a long day of work and other chores, you hear a sweet meow — the cat hurries to tell you about her adventures and asks about yours. Although both of you will never know all the details of each other’s adventures. But you have long agreed that trust and independence is priceless.

2. an affectionate cat makes you feel special


A cat doesn’t usually show affection to everyone. So when it curls up warmly in your lap, it makes you feel special. Dogs are more loyal in their attitudes toward people. But cats, more often than not, are only as open as possible with their owner. Moreover, some of them even prefer not to leave their hiding place when someone else is in the house. And you are clearly aware that your whiskered friend considers you as his chosen one!

3. Cats will tell you how to keep your interest alive


Probably the cat’s middle name is «curiosity.» By nature, cats are incredibly inquisitive. The spirit of the explorer awakens in a small kitten and already stays forever. They need to explore the world around them hourly, explore the territory, solve new «problems» and explore incomprehensible objects. They never tire of showing a keen interest in what’s going on around them. They are curious, even when they pretend not to care. And you quite understand them. And sometimes they inspire you to discover something new.

4. sometimes laziness is a necessity


He may be mischievous and agile, but he’s never short of time to rest. Learn from your pet: make time to bask in the sunshine of a green meadow, spend a cozy evening curled up by the fireplace, or just lie in your favorite bed. These simple things, but how nice!

5. Self-care doesn’t scare you


No time for a walk? That’s okay. You don’t want to play with me? No problem. Your cat won’t get too upset if you’re too busy or tired to pay attention. All you have to do is fill her bowl with water, put some food in and check on her «litter box». And the rest is left to fend for itself throughout the day. You’ll respect that, because you don’t like to bother anyone.

6. Your kitty teaches you how to get what you want


If your cat decides she needs to jump on the counter, sit on the flowerpot, or grab your leg when you walk by the couch, she’ll get her way one way or another. And even scolding her for pranks, you never cease to admire her skill, determination and creativity to solve problems. They always find a way to get where they want to go!

7. They are self-sufficient, just like you


You like to be away from home, enjoying a vacation or being away for work. And you know that being away gives you peace of mind. Your pet will find something to do and enjoy the peace and quiet while you’re away. You won’t feel any guilt. The important thing is to have someone to stop by for a short time to replenish food or clean up.

8. You and your pet are always willing to take risks!


When your pet decides to jump, he’s sure to land on all his paws. And that’s good advice for anyone who’s afraid to take risks, even in the smallest things. And you, like your pet, when it comes to taking risks, live this period as if you have «nine lives.» After all, it’s times like these, when problems arise, that you need to remain resilient and be savvy. Cat people always stick to their principles, just like their furry companions.

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8 principles of life for cat people and their pets
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