20 wild things you secretly do with your kitty

And don’t deny it — we all saw it. And now we’re going to tell tens of thousands of people. They’ll know, they’ll point the finger at you, and they’ll secretly judge you. Yes, yes, they’ll whisper behind your back, too. They might even punish you severely at work by depriving you of coffee and cookies.

You’re always trying to hold onto the cat’s paw. Yes, yes, and don’t deny it!


Running around the house wailing «look at him!» every time the cat does something cute.


You don’t go to the bathroom just because the kitty is sitting on your lap.


Regularly talking to the cat, almost forgetting that he does not really understand human speech.


You use that special mi-mi-mi voice reserved just for the kitty.


You take a picture of a cat every time it does something unusual. Or just the light fell beautifully. Or just bored.


You almost always call the cat anything but his «real» name.


You get jealous (a little) when the kitty sits on someone else’s lap.


You hold your cat in front of the mirror so he can see how pretty he is!


You use the cat as a pillow…but you don’t really, because you don’t want to hurt him.


You say «hello» and «bye» as the cat runs in and out of the room.


You desperately want an animal to sleep in your bed, even though you know it’s useless.


You take him to the bathroom with you, or he’ll scratch the door anyway.


You try to get the cat to decide whether he wants to go outside or not.


You try to convince yourself that biting is a sign of love. After all, he’s not in full force!


You mostly watch TV like this. Who needs that big screen?!


You pet it against the wool and laugh at how silly it looks!


You say «Bless you!» when he sneezes.


Trying to cuddle when it’s quite obvious that the kitty doesn’t want to.


And, finally, you decide to stay home with him instead of going to visit him or go somewhere «to get some air. Just because they are best friends!


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20 wild things you secretly do with your kitty
I bet you’ll never guess whose cubs they are!