20 photos that prove all cats are secret agents

If you think that your cat is an ordinary pet who, thanks to you, lives a carefree life, eats what you give him and does not think about anything more serious than a bird outside the window, then you are very much mistaken. In fact, cats have gained our trust to secretly spy on us, identify all of our weaknesses, and one day take over our planet. You don’t believe me? Here are 20 pictures to prove us right.

Do you think you have an ordinary house cat? Not the case.

In fact, there is a little furry spy near you

Why do they spy on people?

We can only guess

Perhaps it’s because they plan to take over the world

To gain full and undeniable power

So far they are just gaining strength, but it’s only a matter of time

Don’t worry, living with a spy is not your fault

They are just very well trained

They start from a very young age

As they age, their ability to disguise themselves becomes incredible

You may not even be aware that you are being watched

Really, could you have expected that?

You may, of course, have suspected

You just couldn’t help but guess

You may have even unwittingly caught them meeting

Or accidentally ruined their devious plans

They’re watching everyone.

they just need it.

They do it all the time

And let them go on. After all, they’re so cute when they do it!

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20 photos that prove all cats are secret agents
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