19 animals whose rare and unusual coloration causes amazement

There are so many unusual things in nature that you can be surprised at least every day. For example, sometimes the coloring of animals we’re used to can take on such bizarre shapes and colors that it’s easy to wonder, «Isn’t this photoshopped?» We assure you it is not.

Sam the cat is the king of drama.

Oh, that pink patch

Here’s how to do smoky eyes. Learn, girls!

«Not only does my cat have a white mustache, but he has an arrow on his belly.»

This dog has the silhouette of an angel on its face

Rare Albino Turtle

This is Scrappy, he has vitiligo.

When you’re full of love

Gizmo is a poodle. But only 5%.

When nature was a little short on paint

Metal Python

When you overslept and forgot to put makeup on one eye

This is my natural color.

Cow #7

When I was too lazy to color further

Loading is 95%.

When he obeyed his mother and put on his hat

The rarest blue lobster

When a girl is offended

Bonus: the famous Venus, the cat with two faces, has an unusual friend — a kangaroo cat named Roo.

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19 animals whose rare and unusual coloration causes amazement
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