18 Strange Things All Cat Owners Do

If you have a cat, you know everything that happens to humans when this adorable animal becomes part of everyday life. Cats require a certain attitude, they are willful, proud, endlessly hungry, and terribly cute. And it’s long been no sensation that cats influence their owners, change their habits, perhaps even their view of the world. But if you don’t have a cat, and you don’t know what we’re talking about — we suggest you read about what absolutely all owners of these furry rulers of the world do. The list is attached.

1. Trying to hold a cat’s paw


2. They exclaim, «Look at him!» when the cat does something cute.


3. they don’t go to the bathroom because the cat is cozying up to them


And he must not be disturbed.

4. Feed the cat human food because he eats it very nicely


5. Talking to the cat, almost forgetting that he probably does not understand anything


But he meows at the right time, and he seems to be really listening.

6. Use a special voice and intonation exclusively when talking to the cat


In conversation with people: «Hello.»

In conversation with the cat: «Hiya, my darling!»

7. Be sure to take a picture of the cat when he is doing something unusual


Either it’s just laying pretty, or the light is laying pretty…or it’s just boring.

8. Constantly calling their cat names that don’t belong to them


«Fluffy? Fluffy who? My name is Theodore!»

9. They get offended if their cat settles on someone else’s lap.


10. Holding the cat in front of the mirror to see how good he is


11. using the cat as a pillow, but not really leaning on it so as not to crush it


12. Saying «Hi!» and «Bye!» to the cat as he haphazardly scurries around the house


13. Let the cat in the bathroom, because otherwise he will yell and scratch the door from outside


14. Try to decide together with the cat whether he wants to leave the room or wants to stay


15. They stroke the cat against the hair and laugh at how funny he looks now


16. Saying to the cat, «Bless you!» — when he sneezes.


17. Trying to squeeze the cat in a hug when he obviously doesn’t want to


18. Spending time with their pet instead of getting out of the house and into the hustle and bustle of people


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18 Strange Things All Cat Owners Do
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