18 cat criminals caught in the act

All cats sometimes become tailed criminals. To put it simply, they do a little schooling. Maybe on purpose, maybe not on purpose, who knows. But no one gets mad at them for sure. After all, how can you get mad at these cuties?

«Yeah, I was the one who made the puffs and holes in the curtains. And now I’m hooked and can’t get off. Master, help me!»

He ate the owner’s sour cream

«Borrowed a dollhouse. Not paying the mortgage.»

He climbed into the dishwasher. Scared

«Studied the obesity scale. Didn’t see what it had to do with me.»

Spilled in the bucket

Keeping an eye on the master. Tirelessly

I jumped in the bathtub, accidentally grabbed a towel. Instead of somehow solving the problem, I decided to do nothing and take a little nap.

«Fell asleep in class. What was I kicked out for?»

«Scared the master? I wouldn’t do that, I swear!»

«I know there are five beds and ten comfortable chairs in the house. But I like it here.»

«Technically I didn’t walk the table.»

Pretended to be an almond cookie, but was too aggressive

«Sat at the feeder with a timer 24 hours a day. Waiting for the food gods to bless me.»

«Yelled until they gave me this beautiful green bean pod.»

I don’t understand how to use this thing

«I broke into a museum without asking. Now I’m an exhibit.»

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18 cat criminals caught in the act
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