17 Barbocious dogs that will touch you to the core

Recent MRI studies have shown that dogs become happy around the person they love. In the truest sense, analysis of neural activity confirms this. Even the very smell of a human awakens in them a range of feelings. No wonder they are everywhere and always want to be near us!

How else can I give you a hint that you need to play with me on the street?

I had to take my eye off the ball for just a minute.

Everybody dance!

Sitting high and looking far

No more monotonous pictures on social networks!

They washed it, you fiends.

I am a monument to myself

The main thing is to pretend to be a victim

They really got some unique engagement photos.

Too tailed dog

Watch out! There’s, like, a dog in there.

How we understand him!

What a gorgeous bang!

I won’t wash myself, you know that!

Instructions on how to make a fluffy ball

You have to pretend to be a towel

It’s okay, it’s comfortable on the edge, too.

That’s how they are, our favorite pets. You won’t get bored with them!

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17 Barbocious dogs that will touch you to the core
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