10 Ways Your Dog Expresses His Love

How nice it would be to understand what our pets are thinking. How much new, interesting and useful (about ourselves as well) we could learn. Our pets could let us know how they are feeling, how they are feeling, tell us about their wishes and dreams. But, alas, all we have to do is watch their behavior and constantly learn to understand our four-legged (two-winged, two-legged, crawling, swimming, etc.) friends.

The dog is a friend of man. A very loyal friend, capable of great love. So how do dogs show their love for their owners? Here are 10 signs that your pet is crazy about you.

1. Direct eye contact


If your dog looks you straight in the eye, it’s like he’s «hugging» you. When you play with your dog, petting him, he releases oxytocin, a hormone that emotionally connects all mothers to their newborn babies. But you don’t want to come home and purposely «stare» at your pet’s face. He will think that there is something wrong, and he will just turn away. Everything should be natural.

2. You are yawning together.


Everyone knows that yawning is contagious. But did you know that it doesn’t just apply to people? Dogs, because they are genetically predisposed to understand people, also yawn if their beloved owners yawn.

3. Snuggles up to you


Sometimes the dog snuggles up to the owner, provoking him to do something: to give something, to go for a walk, to play, etc. However, it is also a sign of devoted love. Even if your pet snuggles up to you because he is nervous, it already means that he is confident that it is you who can protect him and ensure his safety.

4. After a meal, he pettes you


If your pet comes to pet you after a meal, it shows his undying love for you. Sure, he may need to do «his own thing» at first, but then he will definitely come to someone who is more important to him than food and all sorts of things to do.

5. Eyebrow and ear movements


It is generally accepted that the best way to judge a dog’s behavior is by the movements of its tail. However, you can «read» a dog’s face even better. A recent study in Japan showed that dogs show the least emotion when they see strangers and things that displease them, raising their right eyebrow slightly or pulling their right ear back. Dogs may raise their left eyebrow or pull back their left ear at the sight of their beloved owner or familiar objects.

6. When you leave the house, behaves calmly


If your pet lies quietly in its place when you leave home, it means that it loves you very much and trusts you wholeheartedly, without fear that you will leave it.

7. When you come home, there is no limit to your joy


Every owner likes to be greeted on the doorstep by a wagging tail with a toy in its teeth, bouncing around like a crazy kangaroo. And there’s a reason he likes it-it’s the most vividly canine way to show his strong love for his owner.

8. Sleeping in your bedroom


A good way to find out if your dog loves you is to observe where he prefers to sleep. If your pet likes to sleep in your bed, even if he’s not allowed to, he definitely loves you. By trying to sleep close to you, he shows that he doesn’t want to be separated for a minute.

9. Brings you his favorite toy


If your dog brings you his favorite toy, even if it’s the battered one, it doesn’t always mean that you have to go and play (although offering to play is a sign of love in itself). It may mean that it recognizes you as the «head of the pack. And therefore wants to please you and offers the most valuable that she has, and believes that you will like her gift just as much.

10. Feels your love


Do you love your dog? Scientists believe that dogs can sense whether or not they are loved. So if you don’t love your pet, don’t expect to get love in return.

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10 Ways Your Dog Expresses His Love
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