What kind of people cats like

There is an opinion that cats, unlike dogs, do not get attached to people and always remain animals that walk wherever they want and walk by themselves. As a rule, this view is held by people whose knowledge about cats is based on common stereotypes and not on communication with real, living, fluffy pets. Everyone, whose house animal is not a piece of furniture, but a friend and companion, will confirm that the cat feels love for the owner no less than the dog. It just expresses its feelings in a different way, not so noisy and openly.

Of course, if a cat and the owner have a long history together, which began when the cat was born, the man becomes the second mother for the animal, the most beloved creature and the only «giver of goods. In general, if you yourself raised a kitten, its affection is almost guaranteed. It’s harder to get the love of an adult cat, but it’s also possible.


Simple signs that you are not only a provider, but also a beloved owner

— There are several people in the family, but the cat sleeps on your bed.

— The animal rubs its head on your face, legs, or arms. This is not only a sign of affection, but also a peculiar way for the cat to mark you with its scent.

— Looking into your eyes, the pet slowly opens and closes hers. Experiment: Look at your cat and blink your eyes slowly and emphatically. If it feels good about you, it will blink back. For cats, this gesture is a sign of friendliness; she does not want to compete with you or hold a grudge.

— When you open the front door, your cat runs towards you. Of course, most of all he is interested in the «guests» that you could bring, but the return of the owner makes the cat happy.

— The cat tries to be close to you, climbs into your arms, meows to pay attention, follows you around the room. She purrs and falls belly-up when you look at her, willingly presents her ears and neck, so that you can scratch them.


— From you the cat is ready to endure even unpleasantness — bathing, taking medication, checking at the vet. If your relationship with your cat is not affected by such incidents, his love is unconditional.

What to do if the cat does not love you

Alas, it often happens that cats do not respond with kind feelings to a person who genuinely adores them, they keep away from him. And vice versa, to some people they like to cuddle. In order to bind the stubborn cat to you, one should understand what kind of people cats like.

— According to cat etiquette, any sudden movements as well as staring should be regarded as a threat. Therefore, purrs prefer quiet people with soft, smooth movements and a soft voice. If a cat is avoiding you, consider what you are doing wrong. Perhaps you are making eye contact with the animal and it sees this as a challenge and just shies away? Or are you making too many movements, waving your hands, beckoning it? For the animal you are not a creature with unpredictable behavior and it is quieter when you move slowly and smoothly.

— A cat doesn’t like to be suddenly grabbed, so it often has a dislike for ungroomed children (and some adults, also ungroomed). Respect your furry friend, and he will return the favor.


— Cats like people with a high tone of voice because it is closer to the cat’s voice. You just have to put up with this factor, because it is impossible to change the timbre of the voice.

— These animals have a good memory, so people who like to «get even» with a pet for their own failures at work or in private life should not wait for its affection. Undeserved offense cat will remember for a long time.

— And, of course, the feline tribe especially appreciates those who themselves show love to them. And love — is first of all care.

Taking care of your pet, feeding it, petting it, making its «home» and cozy nooks for sleeping — all this will set the cat on the fact that you are its best friend and protector.

Unfortunately, the well-known myth that cats only like good people and do not like bad people, is not confirmed, so you can’t use a cat to check your guests for good and evil. There is a good side to it: if you are shunned by cats, it does not mean that you are a persistent villain, you just need to learn to communicate with them in their language.

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