The velcro kitten doesn’t give her owners any privacy

The hero of this story is named Jesse. One day a friend of his took a stray pregnant cat into his home so that she wouldn’t go missing and the kittens would have proper care.

When the kittens got a little older and then Jesse and his fiancée decided to take one of the babies from the friend.

Even though the boys already had two cats, Alice and Buffy, they opened the door of their home to another little kitten, a tabby named Clarice, not realizing how attached this girl would become to them! «Clarice doesn’t understand what personal space is,» Jessie tells us. Clarice is a real velcro kitten who clings to her owners and doesn’t let go for a second!

While their owners are watching TV, she climbs on their shoulders or even on their heads and gets under their shirts and blouses. Clarice is always curious where her owner is going, so she follows him everywhere. In addition, the little one even checks his food to «approve» it.

Under Jesse’s sweater, the kitten purrs and falls asleep! What could be cuter?)

In addition, Fluffy takes his owners’ lap as the best bed! Also, he gets along well with his four-legged friends.

Who needs privacy when there is such an adorable fluffy ball of happiness purring in your lap?

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The velcro kitten doesn’t give her owners any privacy
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