The tiny kitty was born without elbow joints and was given to a shelter! But look at her now!

Little Ru and her brother and sister came to the shelter in April 2016. Facility staff immediately saw that something was wrong with the kitten.

«She was significantly smaller than her sibling, and the shelter staff also noticed that she was moving around strangely,» Marni Russ said.


They discovered that the tiny kitten was born without elbow joints. Marnie, who specializes in caring for animals with special needs, took the crumb home to help her develop, but once they met, she just fell in love with her.


Roo’s disability had no effect on Marnie’s decision to keep the kitten. In fact, she never thought she had any health problems. During her travels, the little one learned to use only her hind legs beautifully.


She was prescribed therapeutic treatments that were supposed to help the cat develop. Roo grew up just like all other normal kittens: «Her disability didn’t keep her from pummeling the apartment in the slightest.

Ru has no elbow joints, but she makes excellent use of her front limbs, especially when cuddling her owners, who hold her favorite treat.


Yes, Roo captivated Marnie’s heart the first day they met. The cute kitten never left the confines of her owners’ home, and in doing so, she became a full-fledged member of their family.

«She has learned to use her front paws like a normal kitten, and if you didn’t know her history, you’d never guess there was something wrong with her, except for those moments when she tries to walk — then her front end looks a little shorter than normal.»


«Roo is actually very small — she weighs about 2kg — but she’s very fluffy and it makes a lot of people think the cat is really big,» says Marnie.


She loves every person who gives her attention. Roo adores her dog friend, Skeeter, and tries to give the kind of love she once received to all the animals Marnie brings into the house.


«Her purrs are very powerful, you only have to look at her to make her meow.»

After only eight months, Rue went from a small kitten to a big, gorgeous, fluffy cat.


Little Rue then:

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The tiny kitty was born without elbow joints and was given to a shelter! But look at her now!
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