The real story of the dog Hachiko (with his real photos)!

Hidesamuro Ueno was a professor who taught at the University of Tokyo. Every day his faithful dog escorted his master from his home to the station where the professor rode to work. Then the dog would run home to return to the platform in time for the man’s arrival. It was a daily ritual. But in 1925, the owner did not return from work. The fact was that on that day he had a heart attack and died. Hachiko waited on the platform, because the dog did not understand that he would not return.

The dog was given to other owners, but Hachiko still ran away to his old home. Then he thought that perhaps the professor will never go back there, and decided that it would be better to wait for him on the platform. The people of the town brought the faithful dog food and drink. For many years, Hachiko waited on the platform for his master for 9 years. In 1935 the dog died, and in memory of his devotion on the platform was erected a monument.






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The real story of the dog Hachiko (with his real photos)!
The little kitten meowed pitifully, and after a moment it became clear that he had not come to people alone