The kitten needed a home and the dog a friend — of course, they agreed =)

Seventeen months ago, the red-haired kitten was adopted by a kind family from Japan. In his new place of residence, he found his brother, a Shiba-inu dog.

It was love at first sight.


Gaku the dog grew up with his best friend, Tarawo the cat, and now genuinely considers himself part of the feline community. He is forever hooked on the relaxing sound of purring and has grown accustomed to accepting the company of cats as something natural. But Tarawo passed away in his 15th year and Gaku felt like he had lost something important.

A month and a half later, the family learned of a lonely kitten looking for a home. Although they were still mourning the loss of their furry friend, they decided to take in a new one. Because they couldn’t bear to look at the sad and inconsolable Gaku any longer.

On August 12, 2016, they welcomed the newest member of the family, a little red-haired kitten named Torajiro.


Gaku was immediately delighted as soon as he saw his future companion. All day long he tried to win the kitten’s heart.

«The next day they started cuddling and sleeping side by side,» the adoptive parents of our heroes recalled.

The adoration Gaku showed for his little brother was very reminiscent of his former friendship with his childhood friend, Tarawo.

His heart wounds began to heal to the soothing songs of his furry pal.




Their coats have almost the same shade of red. Torajiro looks up at his brother and follows him on his heels.


To pass, you have to step over these crossed paws.


Friends enjoying the sunshine.


Gaku kisses his brother before giving him a full night’s wash.




Now Torajiro is all grown up… But some things never change.



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The kitten needed a home and the dog a friend — of course, they agreed =)
A skinny dog was tied to the gate of the shelter. The poor thing poked its face through the bars, its eyes sad.