The dog was running along the roadway, and cars were just honking their horns. And only one guy decided to save the animal

There were many cars piled up on the highway that day. All of them were going somewhere. And that’s understandable. Every driver was in a hurry to do his own thing.

At one point a dog jumped out onto the road. He was running somewhere too, and all the car drivers were honking their horns and were afraid that the dog got under the wheels.

None of the people thought to stop, get out of their car for a while, and take the dog off the roadway to safety. It’s likely that the dog might well have been injured here. But he turned out to be lucky. A guy was walking by with his dog to the vet. And he was crossing this very road. He saw the dog desperately thrashing between rushing cars. The dog looked lost and very scared…

The young man quickly picked her up in his arms. He carried her away from the track. The poor dog, trembling with fear, looked at him in confusion. He looked at her intently. The dog had no collar. His hair was dirty and disheveled. The «traveler» also whimpered from time to time — from the fear he had just experienced.

The guy’s intentions immediately changed. He continued on his way to the vet, but not with one dog, but with two. He wanted to show him the foundling for a health examination. And to find out if he had a microchip.

Alas, the pooch did not have one. So the foundling could be easily relegated to the category of homeless.

The vet gave the dog some of the necessary vaccinations. And the young man took her home. He bought food, a crib, and toys for the new resident. Then he brought her to the groomer’s office. There the dog was trimmed and the very tangled hair was removed.

It was «the boy.» Jay Stewart was his nickname. The owner assures us that Jay immediately fit in well with their small but close-knit family. He got along well with his owner’s first pet, and accepted Jay’s lifestyle without any complications or vagaries.

By nature, Jay was very friendly and playful, and brought joy to his owner every day. And he admitted that he can no longer imagine his life without this dog.

That’s how an unusual and casual acquaintance on a noisy road grew into a great friendship between a dog and a man.

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The dog was running along the roadway, and cars were just honking their horns. And only one guy decided to save the animal
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