The code of a real cat! Does your cat follow these rules?

The cat is in charge of the house and a creature, one might say, sacred! But he also has his own code, which he undertakes to follow, so that, God forbid, in the next life will not become a man! :))

1. A cat must protect a man from indoor plants.


2. The cat must constantly keep the person in shape by making him or her move around the apartment, bending over, picking up pens, pencils, socks, etc.


3. The cat should hold a pen or pencil firmly in its teeth while the person is trying to write.


4. The cat should always be checking the refrigerator, even if the person doesn’t want to. If he doesn’t want to, it means that something is hiding in there, and that something should be dealt with well.


5. The cat should check every hour at night to see if any snake has crawled under the blanket.


6. The cat must train himself from time to time in case of an unforeseen circus performance. For this purpose he should periodically arrange flights under the dome of the house, jumps from the curtain to the chandelier and back, as well as all sorts of jumping.


7. The cat should help the man make the bed, carefully watching to make sure there are no objects under the sheet.


8. The cat must drive away bad dreams. If a cat notices that a man is tossing and turning in bed, he must jump on the man’s head and begin to drive away bad dreams and nightmares.


9. The cat should remind man every morning of the old proverb: «He who wakes up early, God gives to him. And the earlier one gets up, the more God will give to him (and to the cat as well).


10. A cat must share everything he has with a human. Constantly give part of his fur to insulate his clothes and floor and throw half of his food out of his bowl.


11. A cat must sing songs to make a person happy. Even if the songs are sad.


12. The cat should check to see why someone did not close the cabinet or nightstand and slide the drawer in.


13. The cat should know what is in all the boxes and bags. And experience firsthand how comfortable and good it is to be there.


14. A cat should drown out outside noise while a person is sleeping by purring loudly under his ear.


15. The cat has to sleep it off for the man, all his relatives, friends and neighbors combined.


Does your cat adhere to this code?

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The code of a real cat! Does your cat follow these rules?
I bet you’ll never guess whose cubs they are!