Picked up cats you don’t recognize — 17 photos. This is what love does

Cats, of course, are independent creatures, but only in spirit. But in fact many of them need our help, affection and attention. Street life is not sugar — look at the happy eyes of kittens, forever exchanged the streets for a warm home.

  1. Jerry lay in a box, covered in oil and fleas, when he was two weeks old. Look at him now

He is now 11 weeks old, healthy and floppy.

  1. he was crippled (apparently hit by a car) and almost fatally dehydrated. It’s been two months of caring

The doctors had to amputate one of her front legs and tail, but the kitty will live and be loved.

  1. revitalized and looking better

4. The first picture is not a kitten, but an adult cat. In six months in good hands she became herself

5. One-year-old Rei. She made it through.

6. Found in a box as a blind kitten. Since that day a lot of love has been invested in her

The owner says she has never been so attached to any pet

  1. Survived severe ringworm, and won. Thanks to the doctors.

8. Fefa almost lost her sight, and she had so many fleas on her that a couple of hundred remained even after the wash. It’s all over now.

9. Street Hilda was exhausted by childbirth

Six months later, you wouldn’t recognize her!

  1. This is how he was transformed at the shelter

Misa wasn’t looked after for 15 years, and now he has a decent pension

  1. One year behind.

12. no more sleeping under cars, now there’s a crib and a warm hostess

13. Found on Mother’s Day 9 years ago

14. Became someone’s best friend

15. Connie roamed in Thailand and now reigns supreme at home

16. Blocked the path of a car and didn’t leave until they took him inside

In a couple of years of a well-fed life, he had gained a little bit of weight.

  1. Mr. Cookie has been transformed by love
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Picked up cats you don’t recognize — 17 photos. This is what love does
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