How Barley went from a skeleton to a gorgeous cat

One day Davy Gallant, a resident of Quebec, Canada, was driving home on the highway with his son Toby. Suddenly they saw a skinny kitten on the side of the road. It was a stray kitten.

Davy and his family love animals very much. They never walk or drive past anyone who is in obvious need of help.

Davie’s further actions always depend on the animal itself. If it is not frightened, approaches the man and «asks» for help, the kind man takes it home and finds new owners himself.


If the animal is afraid and doesn’t want to make contact, Davy reports him to the local shelter so that the homeless animal can be cared for by professionals.

Over the years, the man has saved hundreds of dogs and cats. Including a cat named Kus-Kus who recently, at the age of 14, went to the rainbow.

That time, too, Davy stopped on the curb. The kitten was very happy about it — he ran up to his father and son and started purring and rubbing his feet. So the Gallants took him home.


At home, the first thing they tried to do was feed the baby. But it turned out to be a difficult task. It seems that the kitten had not eaten normal food for so long that it was difficult for him to even swallow.

Then it was necessary to bathe Barley (that’s the name of the adopted boy). They used tweezers to remove the fleas that would not wash off.


The next day Barley was taken to the vet. After examining the teeth, he estimated the age of the kitten at 6-7 months. Gallants were very surprised — the baby was very tiny and looked 2-3 months old at most.


Now Barley lives with the large, friendly Gallant family, along with his cat Kinoa, his mutt Bella, and his Munsterlander Micah.


And the wonderful thing about this story is that just the day before the discovery, Davy’s daughter, who had missed Cous-Cous, asked her father to get another cat. The father replied, «When the time comes, the cat will come to us.


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How Barley went from a skeleton to a gorgeous cat
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