Did you know: Thirty-five Cat Beliefs

According to popular beliefs, a cat senses all kinds of changes — both for good and for bad. It is said that by observing the cat’s behavior, you can predict the weather, the arrival of guests, impending illness or misfortune.

It is not without reason that cats have always been associated with the supernatural, and cat’s eyes have been called «windows to the other world».

We have a lot of different omens associated with this beloved animal, which are largely intertwined with the omens of other nations.

— If a cat comes into the house by itself, it means that it brings happiness and warded off misfortune;

— A man who loves cats will always love his wife;

— A cat washing itself means that the guests are being washed (inviting);

— If a cat reaches out to a man, it promises renewal or benefit;

— A cat is considered to be the guardian of wealth;

— When a cat sneezes, he should say: «Be well!», then his teeth will not hurt;

— If a cat sneezes in the morning next to a bride on the eve of her wedding, her marriage will be successful;

— Just born kittens should not be called and compared to mice — otherwise the cat or cat will strangle them;

— If a cat begins to sniff the air exhaled by a man near his nose, it means the beginning of an illness;

— When a cat lies near a sick person, it takes the disease away from him.

— A cat has healing powers. It senses when a person has something painful and reaches for that place, trying to warm it up. And in most cases it promotes healing!

— When a cat is angry, prepare for a family quarrel;

— He who torments cats, they will torment him in the next world;

— He who beats a cat will be imprisoned;

— A cat must not be killed because it will be the first to meet its master in the other world;

— A cat must not be beaten because it will be the first one to meet its master in the other world; A cat must not be beaten because it will help its former master to climb a steep hill and enter the kingdom of heaven;


— You must not take a cat by the tail, otherwise it will crap all over the house;

— If you meet a skinny, miserable and dirty cat — for bad news: one of your friends or relatives will fall ill. But if to shelter a cat, the friend or relatives will recover;

— Hearing the squealing and meowing of cats — a false friend seeks to harm you;

— The appearance of a beautiful white cat in a dream promises wealth;

— In a dream a cat (not white) — to the betrayal of friends or loved ones;

— A cat with a cropped or short tail from birth brings prosperity to the home;

— Cats are not taken «for nothing»; they are not given as gifts. It is necessary to give a ransom, so the animal will get accustomed to it and will not die;

— Whoever takes care of a cat protects him from misfortunes;

— If a cat purrs when it is stroked by a guest who came, it means that this person is sincere with you;

— A proud, selfish person will never be approached by a cat;


— During a housewarming party, the first one to enter the new house is a cat. And where she will fall asleep, you should put a couch or a bed for people, because a favorable bio-energetic zone is located in this place;

— Adopt a stray cat or kitten — to attract good luck and happiness for many years;

— If luck and money have left your home, pick up a stray cat or kitten in the street with a pure heart — everything will work out at home;

— Feed stray cats and cats — to alleviate the suffering of deceased relatives;

— A stray kitten came to your front door — be sure to take it, to throw out such a kitten — 7 years of bad luck for the tenants of the house;

— If you want to marry an old maid — her mother should take seven stray cats (kittens) to good houses; if you want to marry an old bachelor — his mother should give away seven stray cats (kittens) to good hands;

— The cat lies down on you or «kneads» with her paws — there is a possible disease in that place and she treats it as best she can;

— You want to live a long life, have a healthy heart and nerves — let a cat always live with you.

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Did you know: Thirty-five Cat Beliefs
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