Bedtime, everyone! Thirteen kitties stretching out sweetly at full length

Cats are known for taking long naps. They often do so in the strangest poses.

Today we’re going to show you the moustachioed, striped cats who like to stretch out to their full length when they sleep. They stretch out their front and back paws so that it seems as if the purrs are infinitely long. It’s a very cute and funny sight!

So here are 13 cats sleeping sweetly, stretched out to their full length.

Get your dose of hilarity right now! See

1.Cover me with a blanket…


And lights, lights off!

2. A real poser!


And the main thing is to put a paw on the paw, even in his sleep)

3. Stretch across the floor?


No problem!

4. Who gets in first, who gets in first!



5. When it’s finally a day off


I will sleep in all positions!

6. Two of the Box


Cats that do everything together and… the same way

7. As the owner, so the cat


Or find 10 differences

8. Under the wall is always more comfortable!


Warmer and safer

9. The place is taken!


It’s all mine!

10. That’s a short couch you have!


I don’t fit!

11. How tired I am…


Don’t even wake me up to eat!

12. The main thing is that the bed should be soft.


This cat can do no wrong!

13. So that’s what this notch is for!


It’s so sweet to sleep in!

Isn’t it fun? Hurry and share these photos with your friends on social media and come see us again. We’ve got lots more fun!

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Bedtime, everyone! Thirteen kitties stretching out sweetly at full length
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