An amazing cat with four ears named Yoda

No one wanted to take a cat with four ears until a couple in love saw this beauty


As the famous saying goes, we don’t choose our cats, cats choose us. Which is what happened when a loving couple, Valerie and Ted Rock of Illinois, were in a bar one night when a regular customer began offering the only remaining kitten in the box. Although his littermates were quickly sorted out, this kitten was rejected because of his strange feature: he had four ears.

Many visitors joked that his ears looked like devil horns, some warily said that he would bring only trouble and misfortune. Some even began to call him Beelzebub, after the devil himself. When Ted picked it up, unusual feelings overwhelmed him. He had never held such a natural wonder in his hands.


Curled up in Ted’s arms, the cute little demon let him know that he had met a kind-hearted man, and a little later he rubbed his neck to sleep. The Rock family grew very fond of the kitten and took him home with them that night.


They named him Yoda because of his resemblance to the wise Jedi with the big ears from Star Wars. When they took him for a checkup, the vet was extremely surprised to see a kitten with four ears. Such a miracle on his head had no effect on his behavior, health or hearing.


The good deed of the Rock family has paid off as Yoda has grown into a handsome, curious and outgoing cat. «He won my heart from the very first minutes,» Ted says. «I just wanted to enjoy what he was.»


Yoda now visits schools periodically, where he helps instill in children the ability to accept things as they are.

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An amazing cat with four ears named Yoda
The house cat brought home a little friend and decided that the kitten would now live with them