A stray cat came into the apartment to give birth — she was tired of putting up with street life

A striped stray came into the apartment to give birth, and she got help very just in time.

About a month ago, Ashley Morrison, a pet advocate from Seattle, Washington, was told about a stray cat that had given birth in someone else’s apartment.

The cat was no one’s cat and lived in the backyard of an apartment complex, timid in front of people. «Just before the events, she had befriended a family of tenants and started visiting their house from time to time,» Ashley says.

Normally the cat would leave her new friends before nightfall, but that night she wished to stay. «An hour later, she gave birth under their table.»

The tenant asked Ashley for help, and she immediately responded. She took the cat and her five kittens into a quiet room, but the mother became very frightened and tried to run away.

«She wasn’t used to interacting with strangers. She was so scared of me that she literally climbed the walls,» Ashley says.

After 24 hours, the wildcat named Moira calmed down a bit and got used to the room, ate for the first time and even got some pleasure from being patted on the head.

«It took me days to get her used to not getting nervous when I sit in the same room with her.»

As soon as Moira knew what it was like to have her tummy stroked, she wanted more. She fidgeted and rolled onto her side, hinting unequivocally. «I declare her a big fan of stroking. While I pet her, she keeps her eyes closed, and if I stop, she nudges my hand with her chin.»

Mommy Moira was very happy with the family nest that Ashley had constructed specifically for the cats’ needs: a plastic container with a medium-sized opening for entry and exit. The structure was covered on top with blankets for coziness and a privacy effect.

«I believe that untrained indoor cats are best housed in dark, small spaces where they can feel protected from predators,» Ashley says. — If you don’t give them such a place, they’ll hide kittens in corners.»

Over the next few weeks, the striped little thing turned into a tirelessly purring and pawing creature. As soon as Ashley put down a fresh blanket, Moira would stomp on it, and could do so for hours.

Watch Moira and her kittens in this cute video:

For the first time in weeks, Moira wanted to leave the pink nest and ask Ashley for affection. She snuggled up to the woman and even purred for her.

«She always wanted to ‘protect’ herself from me in her nest, but she finally realized that I was a regular person,» Ashley says.

When the kittens started crawling, Ashley converted their living area into a spacious apartment where the babies could move around under Moira’s supervision.

«They’re learning to play and want to explore without their mom’s supervision, waddling faster and more confident.»

«Moira never seems to stop pawing at all-imagine how happy she is,» adds Ashley.

«A few weeks ago she was carrying and living on the street, sleeping wherever she could and eating what was left in the yard by those who cared. She seriously asserted herself when she walked into a friendly apartment and refused to leave until she gave birth.»

Now they are all fed and warm, loved and blooming. Moira will never get pregnant again or be homeless.

The shy, striped cat has become affectionate beyond recognition. Watching her stretch as she meets another morning, you know she’s in bliss.

«She still runs away and hides if she hears a loud noise (like a lawnmower), but calms down and comes back as soon as I talk to her,» Ashley says.

«I look forward to watching her progress and know we’ll put her in a nice quiet home where she’ll feel like a kitten again.»

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A stray cat came into the apartment to give birth — she was tired of putting up with street life
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