A man picked up a cat, gave him his room, but failed to notice one nuance

A few months ago, a volunteer from Pushkino noticed a stray cat in the yard of his house. He started to feed the fluffy cat, but the animal soon had an accident. A dog jumped on him and bit him badly.

After that, the cat disappeared.

Albert only found his ward the next day. The man took the animal home and started to treat it.

Albert named the cat Misha and took him to the clinic

The vet examined the cat and said the injuries were not serious. So the volunteer treated the cat at home.

At first the cat was doing well, but after three months, it began to get worse. He found it difficult to breathe, so Albert had to go back to the doctors.

The consequences of the dog attack were far more serious than anticipated. It turns out that Mischka could suffocate at any second because of an injury to his diaphragm! This was a problem the vets hadn’t noticed…

But now they have started to prepare the cat for surgery, and it had to be done quicker than expected. On 18 January Mischka became very ill, so the operation could not be postponed.

The operation was extremely difficult and lasted several hours. Luckily, it was a success, but Mischka took a long time to wake up from the anaesthetic. For the first twenty-four hours, the animal was not able to get his bearings.

The clinic does not have an in-patient department, so Albert had to take the cat home.

He had to give Mishka his own room, since he has two other cats living in the house, and the cat needs absolute peace and quiet.

Then there were daily trips to the clinic for bandages and long sleepless nights, as Albert had to monitor his dog’s condition around the clock.

On 31 January, Mishka’s stitches were finally removed. He was feeling well, but then suddenly there was a new problem — an ear mite.

It took two weeks to fight the disease. Mishka is now feeling well, and volunteers have been actively searching for a new home for him. Albert couldn’t keep the cat with him, as he was in constant conflict with his cats.

But Misha is doing well now! The main thing is that he is healthy and there are owners for such a handsome boy

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A man picked up a cat, gave him his room, but failed to notice one nuance
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