A kitten with incredible fortitude finds the wonderful family he always wanted

A kitten with crooked legs and a heart of gold finds the right family he’s always wanted.

A tiny 9-week-old kitten (a girl) came to Mojo’s Hope, an Alaskan animal welfare organization, for a ticket to a better life. And though her hind legs were crooked, all she wanted was attention and a touch.

She settled into her new home at Alaska’s KAAATs, where she would receive a lifetime of care. After several examinations of the kitten, the veterinarian gave a verdict that her physical handicap was probably congenital.

The kitten, however, could not be discouraged by anything. She was fooling around, running around the house, climbing on everything she could reach and chasing toys as hard as she could.

The kitten was named Lady Moore and was introduced to several local rescuers. The girl immediately took a liking to Sinda the Husky, and they got along well.

The friendly dog had a soft spot for distressed puppies and kittens. She was recovering from surgery at the time, but nothing could stop her from loving animals. She took the kitten under her wing and began to lick it like her own child.

«We really believe these two helped each other recover. They bonded almost immediately, Lady Moore still cares for Cinda, and Cinda is madly in love,» Shannon says.

Moore has a loud purr-motor that is constantly on. She adores her canine mother and always dives into her arms after playing for the day.

Watch her kitten’s story in this cute video:

The girl sees Cinda as her squinty mama. Cinda is very patient and loving and has a lot to give others,» Shannon adds.

«Lady Moore’s presence really helps Cinda recover.»

The kitten climbs on top of the dog when she wants an extra dose of love and affection. Sinda adores the baby and doesn’t forbid her to gently «drink milk» in her thick fur.

The fearless kitty has no idea she’s anything special. Whenever she hears «time to eat,» she first runs into the dining room. She moves so fast that even the other cats can’t keep up with her.

«When she came to us, Lady Moore only weighed half a pound, and the vet wasn’t sure if she would survive. We are happy that she has blossomed and gotten stronger,» Shannon says.

«She is truly a beautiful, determined kitty, full of sass and warrior spirit.»

«These precious special needs animals will never cease to amaze me with their ability to shine from within,» Shannon says.

Moore uses her strong front paws to do everything the other kittens do. She adores life and purrs like a tractor. She likes to intimate purr in a person’s ear, snuggling closely, which is very soothing.

The little warrior kitty exceeded the expectations of all guardians with her incredible resilience.

«Nothing can derail these animals. They show all of us how not to worry about other people’s opinions, to keep our individuality and interest in life.»

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A kitten with incredible fortitude finds the wonderful family he always wanted
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