A kitten from a pet store (12 photos)

From the author: — moved to South Korea in August and walking past a pet store I saw this little girl.

Honestly thought she was dead, lying there barely breathing. So I bought her for $200.

Took her home. The first transformations.

She weighed almost nothing at all, a couple of days later we took her to the vet, he said she was about 5 weeks old.

After a week she stopped being afraid of us and started sleeping with us

I found my favorite toy

It’s her big brother now and he hates her :(

She started to grow and gain weight little by little

The cat decided to take her

A Small Miracle

After 12 weeks, she weighed 1.5 kg, but she was still as small

Still loves to sleep with his rabbit

They fell in love with each other

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A kitten from a pet store (12 photos)
The puppies were rejected by their mother, and then they were shown to the cat