A dog locked up for two months survived by eating toothpaste

The husky mongrel named Yogi had spent two months without access to food, all because the owner had simply locked the dog in the apartment. Volunteers who freed the animal were horrified, because the dog looked like a woolen skeleton.

The norm for such an animal is 30 kilograms; when weighed, it was found that Yogi’s body weight did not reach nine. Volunteers assume that all this time the dog was drinking water from the toilet and eating toothpaste.

After rehab, the dog was renamed; now her name is Honey, not a bad fit considering the color of her coat. She began to trust people again and gained the missing pounds. Not surprisingly, a good family was quickly found for Yogi-Hani.

The laws in England are pretty good at protecting the rights of animals. The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) easily obtained a court case against Yogi’s mistress.

According to a British court ruling, the negligent breeder is not allowed to breed any animals indefinitely and will spend the next eight weeks in jail.

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A dog locked up for two months survived by eating toothpaste
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