15 cats who can’t stand kissing and cuddling

After all, they’re so beautiful, fluffy, and cute! But if you’ve ever hugged and kissed a whiskered, striped cat, you’ve probably noticed that such manipulation isn’t exactly to his liking. The expressions on cats’ faces at such moments are priceless!

We’ve gathered for you 15 photos of cats expressing all their displeasure with those «calf tenderness» of yours. Take a look!

How many times, man?!


don’t touch me!

Oh, God, not again!

No! Let go! Let go!

I’d shut the hell out of your Instagram!

Find your other half already!


Here we go! You’d better let it go for good!

I’m not your ootie-pootie, woman!

get out of the way! I’m not in a kissing mood!

from anger to humility to acceptance

What on earth is this?

One more frame, she said…

So they broke up, and I had to take the rap…

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15 cats who can’t stand kissing and cuddling
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