10 things that negatively affect cats

Of course, everyone wants to think that he is the perfect and loving owner for his pet. The truth is that this is far from always true — often we harm our cats.

There are certain things that harm our pets. We often don’t think about how familiar actions affect our pets. This can make cats depressed and afraid of people. Of course, all cats are individual, but these are things that should not be done to any pet.

1. Do not expose the cat to cigarette smoke

Even passive smoking is very bad for your cat’s health!

  1. be sure to wash your cat’s dishes, otherwise they become covered with harmful slimy deposits.

Cats love to be clean!

  1. don’t forget to clean the litter box even if you don’t smell it

Animals have a much sharper sense of smell.

  1. Don’t pretend like your cat likes being alone — it’s not

Cats need people and company.

  1. Don’t ignore a cat’s body language

By listening to your pet you will be able to tell when he is unwell or not in the mood.

  1. Don’t forget that a stressed cat may urinate all over the house to calm itself

7. Don’t yell at the cat too loudly for being provocative or obtrusive

Screaming will only scare her.

  1. Don’t assume that the cat’s illness will go away by itself

Cats also have many deadly infections. If you see that the cat is sick, take it to the vet.

  1. Don’t leave your cat in total darkness

Cats need sunlight.

  1. Do not resort to extreme measures

Pills are the last hope to get your cat out of depression. try other methods, such as paying more attention or getting a friend.

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10 things that negatively affect cats
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