10 expensive and rare cats

It is very hard to imagine our life without cats. These creatures are very popular as pets all over the world. All cats are different, each of them is individual and has its own character.

Here are 10 of the most expensive and rarest cat breeds in the world!

The Russian Blue Cat — $400-2000


This breed has been recognized since ancient times, but previously this breed was popular only in Russia. The Russian Blue is great with children, and will almost always be obedient and affectionate. But sometimes they are prone to stubbornness, showing exceptional freedom.

Serengeti Cat — $600-2000


The Serengeti gets its unusual name for the color of its wool, reminiscent of the serval. Bred this breed at the end of the last century, by crossing two breeds: Bengal and Oriental.

Toyger Cat — $500-3000


This cat really does look a lot like a tiger, just a smaller copy of it. The character of the «toy tiger» is extremely calm. Those who once dreamed to have this predator at home can now do so without any harm to their health!

American Curl — 1000-3000$


Very often a high price has to be paid for the exceptional rarity of the breed, and in this category we have to distinguish the American Curl, whose distinctive feature is the ears. They curl back, forming a kind of small horns.

Elf Cat — $1300-3000


This cat has an amazing and unusual appearance, even the name speaks for itself! They have large eyes, no hair on the body, and their large ears are slightly bent forward. Perhaps because of the ears the breed got its name.

Bengal cat (Bengal cat) — 1000-4000 $


The result of crossbreeding a regular cat with an Asian leopard cat, the Bengal breed was born. If you do not consider the size, you can take it for a leopard, at least according to its coloring. They are very gentle and affectionate, very sociable and hardly tolerate solitude.

Safari Cat — $4000-8000


The next spotted breed, descended from the Joffrois, a wild cat from South America. These cats came into being as a result of medical research into blood diseases. The weight of such a cute and beautiful creature can weigh 11 kg — which is quite a lot!

Kao-Mani Diamond eyes — $7000-10000


Were known in Southeast Asia, since the middle of the last millennium. We found references to these elegant and refined creatures in ancient poems.

They resemble a Siamese cat, and in ancient times the Kao Mani could only belong to the royal families of Siam.

Smooth coat of an incredibly white shade, combined with expressive eyes, the color of which can be blue or yellow. Often there are cats even with multi-colored eyes.

The Chausie Cat — $8000-10000


It is not only expensive, but also very rare breed, because in order to achieve it, it was necessary to crossbreed a marsh lynx living in Africa, and domestic Abyssinian cat. The result of selection work carried out in America were slender graceful animals with long legs and large ears.

Savannah Cat — $4000-22000


This huge descendant of the African Serval, can weigh 15 kg. It is considered one of the largest domestic cats. This cat looks unusual and powerful, but at the same time there is no harshness in it.

Savannah — a very active breed, they need a lot of space to play. Also, it is not afraid of water, and sometimes playfully splashing in it.

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10 expensive and rare cats
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