Funny but true! How cat lovers behave with their pets


Some people love dogs very much, while others simply adore cats. But all owners sometimes behave very strange with their pets. We have prepared for you a list of amazing, funny and a bit silly things that cat lovers do to their pets. A person who loves cats madly over time gets a little dumber and can talk about his pet for hours. But that’s nothing, but what people do with their cats! This is already something !!!


Want to know what they are doing? And here is what:

 Some people say hello to the paw with their cat;


Others affectionately ask their pet to give them «five»


Still others, when the cat sneezes, wish him good health;;


Someone allows the cat to sleep on itself, although at the same time the cat causes its owner a lot of inconvenience;


Some cats do not like loneliness so much that their owners even take them to the bathroom;


Some owners have fun showing cats their reflection in the mirror;


Many simply adore taking pictures of their cats when they are lying or sleeping in cool poses;


Someone just constantly stroking and hugging his cat. Even when the cat does not want it and tries to leave;


Many come up with many pet nicknames for their pet;


Some people like to talk with a cat;


Some consult a cat before releasing it from a room;


 Someone lies on a cat like a pillow. True, not with all his weight, so as not to hurt him;


There are people who greet their cat in the morning and say goodbye when they leave for work;


  There are also people who play hide and seek with cats;


And some are entertained by the fact that when the cat yawns, they put their finger into his mouth. What for?!


Do you have such friends? How do they behave with their cats?




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Funny but true! How cat lovers behave with their pets
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